NMS #138 Breakthrough in Podcast Stats?

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane talk about the supposed Podcast Statistics breakthrough from Omny, and their stance to go public to reporters yet not provide any real specifics about what they are actually measuring to the podcast community. We invited Omny on the show to discuss their breakthrough, but no company reps were available to be on the show.

We also talked about the all to possible scenario where a major podcast syndicator mandates podcasters remove advertising from their show in order to have the synidcator advertising injected instead.

NMS #137 Podcast 101 & More

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane do a little Podcast 101 discussions today, along with a variety to tantalizing topics of happenings in the space.

NMS #136 Truth be Told

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane dig into a number of podcasting topics that require clarification from the spin being promulgated in the spaace. They also leave the door open for the players in the space to be a guest to debate their commentary.

NMS #135 Podcast The Word

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee talk about the word podcasting, and then did in deep on monetization strategies and the debate about advertising that continues to be the talk of the space.

NMS #134 Story Telling

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee cover the news in the new media space and talk in depth on story telling and what builds huge engaging audiences. While the news spin cycle may have slowed a little the space remains very hot in business activity and overall growth that an more this week on the New Media Show.

NMS #132 Dan Franks and Podcast Movement

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane talk with Dan Franks on the upcoming Podcast Movement. Very exciting to hear that they are nearly sold out, and Dan talks about the event and what everyone should expect. He also hints at a move for the show for next year.

NMS #131 Deep Dive on Podcasting

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee talk about the Stitcher acquisition and our speculation on what is going to be happening their and all of the new media news.

NMS #130 with Tom Webster – Edison Research

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane interview Tom Webster on some of the latest podcast research that has come out of Edison Research. We discussed the fate of the download versus stream that has garnered a lot of attention. It was a healthy conversation, and follows articles that try to suggest that podcast on demand listening is waning. When other reports do not bare that out.

Save the Podcast Awards GoFundMe campaign.

NMS #129 Downloads – Subscriptions – Streaming

Rob Walsh, Rob Greenlee & Todd Cochrane talk about Edison Research and their Podcast Consumer 2016 report, and a couple of slides that have gotten attention by podcasters. We also discuss the podtrac announcement and the misrepresentation their report is portraying. Specifically it is in now way a industry ranking when its a podtrac ranking with dozens of top shows not participating that would displace their Top 10 from both Blubrry and Libsyn. We go over some recent findings from the podcast awards as well.

Save the Podcast Awards GoFundMe campaign.

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Podast Awards Crawling and Grading of 1182 shows found the following.
i. Only 7% Shows did not have their own .com
ii. Sound and Audio Quality was great with 72% encoding at 128kbps
iii. 27% of the sites made you dig for their podcast
iv. 36% of sites did not have a way to play/download the media on the home page
v. 79% % of podcasters did not have an RSS Icon on their default podcast page.
vi. 17% Had no way to subscribe on their home page
vii. 81% Had a Visible iTunes Subscription Icon on their default landing Page.
viii. 88% Had a Visible iTunes Subscription Icon someplace in their website.
ix. 36% Had a One Click Subscribe on Android link on their websites.
x. 61% of sites had no way to subscribe via Android
xi. 2% Had a Subscribe on Google Play Link
xii. 18% Had a Stitcher Subscribe link on their website.
xiii. Globally today Android makes up 16.9% of Podcast Audience
xiv. Globally today iOS Echosphere makes up 65.9% of Podcast Audience
xv. Globally 17.2% of Podcast Audience listen on something other than android/itunes
xvi. Globally today Stitcher makes up 3.7% of Podcast Audience
xvii. 15% are still using Feedburner
xviii. 7% Had RSS feeds larger than the 500k
xix. 9% Had a Visible e-mail contact address on their website.
xx. 22% Had a Newsletter sign-up page.
xxi. 2% Had a call in number for listeners to comment on their shows.
xxii. 77% of the sites had good unique website branding.
xxiii. 65% Had less than one paragraph of show notes for their past 5 podcast.
xxiv. 62% Had a physical download Link on their websites.
xxv. 83% Were Creating Audio Only.
xxvi. 11% Number of shows Blogging as well as some form of Podcast content.
xxvii. 15% Where creating Audio, Video & Blog Posts
xxviii. 51% of Sites where mobile phone ready (iPhone, Android)
xxix. 92% Had a Twitter Link on their website
xxx. 93% Had a Facebook Link on their website
xxxi. 37% Had a Google+ Link
xxxii. 87% of shows controlled their own rss feed on their .com
xxxiii. 9% Have been podcasting less than a year
xxxiv. 20% Have been podcasting less than 2 years
xxxv. 31% Have been podcasting less than 3 years
xxxvi. 22% Have been podcasting less than 4 years
xxxvii. 18% Have been podcast more then 4 years