NMS #102 Todd and Rob Cover the Space

No guest this week, Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee talk about the podcasting space, share insights on International Podcast Day, Art19, Podcast One, Jake Shapiro at the rain conference and much more.

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Show Links:
International Podcast Day
Harvard Podcasting Session.
Podcast One Bold Claim.
Jake Shapiro at Rain.
Google is your Friend.

5 thoughts on “NMS #102 Todd and Rob Cover the Space

  1. Difficult to hear you consistently bash others. Last 5 minutes were so negative towards the community I don’t think I can stomach listening anymore. Your co-host is the only saving grace since he speaks with class and deference. There are others, believe it or not, who have podcasted before you – and – are successful with employing different strategies. Sorry you feel the need to put others down to make yourself feel better.

  2. I went back and listened to the last five minutes of the show. I have no idea what you are referring to. Rob and I tell the truth and very few have actually podcasted longer than each of us.


  3. 1:39:39 – “We’re not the coaches… if someone calls me a coach I’d just like to shoot myself…”

    I love listening to different perspectives on our industry. There are very few who ‘podcast about podcasting’ – Dave Jackson, which I guess you’re referring to since he brandishes the moniker “The Podcast Coach” – has some great stuff to share / say too – I honestly like you both very much. But you countered differing opinions very strongly this episode, and, mentioned ‘shooting yourself in the head’ to illustrate your distain. That’s just real harsh language, particularly when it’s directed towards someone else in the industry. A simple – “I don’t agree with that,” or, “that’s not something I believe in” are statements that are just as powerful coming from someone with your experience.

    When a hall-of-fame running back was asked why he never spiked the ball after scoring a touchdown, he answered “because I wanted to act like I’ve done that before, and, I’ll be doing it again very soon.” I’ll join you in going after the fake ‘masterminds’ trying to steal money from people thinking they can ‘get rich quick’ podcasting (god how far from the truth is that, right?). Your accomplishments speak for themselves – so I just think modeling the positive message about podcasting is way more important to helping us grow than focusing on the negative.

    Thank you for responding. That does say a lot about you – I appreciate it.

    1. Some context is on order, when we where at PM15 every third person we talked to wanted to be a coach or was a coach or consultant. To often I assume folks have listened to back episodes where we talked about that at length… It got old real quick honestly. What we need are more storytellers.. You can be a coach by being a storyteller and not having to say your a coach… So far as Dave Jackson goes he has earned through years of doing podcasting to be called a coach..

    2. CD, I appreciate your comments here. Thanks for listening. Our use of the term “Coach” was not talking about Dave Jackson. Dave is one of those coaches or podcast consultants that knows what he is doing and is a leader in the space that is very respected. We just need more quality content creators/talent and growing the listener base for the 11 year-old medium, not more podcast consultants. Though more quality podcast trainers can help grow quality new content in the space.

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