NMS #65 with Rob Walch

Rob and Todd Interview Rob Walch Director of Podcast Relations at Libsyn. We talk about the Podcasting space and trends they are seeing. We also get updated on what is going on at Libsyn.

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One thought on “NMS #65 with Rob Walch

  1. The great podcast renaissance. I’m new to podcasting (1 year with my own show) but it seems this “renaissance” has a familiar ring to it.

    I love Hip Hop (not just the music, but ALL the elements). Every few years someone declares Hip Hop to be dead. Why? Because the music isn’t how they remember it – they ignore ALL the other elements. They ignore that there is a thriving underground. All they focus on is the charts and what is happening in the mainstream.

    What has this to do with podcasting. These “podcasting renaissance” folks seem very similar. Suddenly its getting some mainstream exposure (thanks to the marketing podcasters) and its come to their attention. Some of them may have only just discovered podcasting. Or they may have only just found a podcast that appeals to them. But its that mainstream exposure that is key. A bit like Hip Hop, if it isn’t in the main stream its dying. They ignore the masses of podcasts that have been going for years and the masses of new podcasts coming out daily.

    They also only seem interested in people who are making money out of podcasting – a bit like Hip Hop (if you aren’t getting rich, then people assume you aren’t good).

    Does any of that make sense?

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