NMS #136 Truth be Told

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane dig into a number of podcasting topics that require clarification from the spin being promulgated in the spaace. They also leave the door open for the players in the space to be a guest to debate their commentary.

One thought on “NMS #136 Truth be Told

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your plug for Podcrawl.
    It started about 8 years ago, and every year podcasters, listeners and anyone else interesting in podcasting met up and drink.
    We talk about podcasting, the state of the community, new developments etc, but it’s all very informal.
    The center of London is full of pubs and clubs, so some people can be a little worse for wear towards the end.
    This year, on Auguat 20th, we will be livestreaming on Facebook and Periscope, as well at tweeting with #podcrawl hashtag with info and progress around Soho.

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