NMS 159 News and Rumors

Today hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee talk through all the latest news and rumors that are in the space. We also discuss the Syndicated Media platform and Todd expresses concern on who own’s the site and their reluctance to become a non-profit. Plus an update on Sirius and all the deep analysis you expect.

Reach out to Rob @robgreenlee or Todd @geeknews we are always open to guest so reach out to Rob to be scheduled to be on the show.

One thought on “NMS 159 News and Rumors

  1. On the topic of episode titles, SEO, and Leo’s approach: If you have an episode with a single topic, or one with at least a central topic, then I can see selecting an episode title that reflects that topic. But if your podcast is a “variety show,” then it’s not so clear. Leo’s episodes cover a wide range of topics – how would you pick one for the title? So he doesn’t and that makes sense to me.

    I have one 90-minute show and I’ll usually use an episode title that reflects the area of expertise of the guest, even though it’s just a third of the show. On another podcast, I’ll try to pick the most significant story and build an episode title around that. But it doesn’t always work or make sense to give just one segment a title role. Then I might pick some cute or clever title that probably doesn’t suggest anything at all about the episode, unless you listen to it.

    Oh, and when my listeners write, they almost always reference the episode number, not the title.

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