Change is Comimg #202

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane dig into show ownership situations and talk a lot about promotion and building of an audience. We are looking for your ideas and things you have done to build your show audience. If it is a good one Todd will share the suggestion at his session and Podcast Movement. Also Rob shared a cool score of a free translation service that looks pretty interesting.

Reach out to Rob @ or Todd @

PodcastPro Audio Translation Service (free)

Happy Podcasting

One thought on “Change is Comimg #202

  1. Regarding your low energy show and great engagement Todd. I’ve had EXACTLY the same experience before and I’ve wondered why I’ve bothered prepping and writing quality show notes when a “phoned in” show has more engagement. The only thing I could think is you get used to the prep, where you’re going and even though you feel it’s not well put together, it’s still likely much more put together than “three dudes in a basement and an open mic”.

    Keep up the great work, love the show.

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