Time Machine #209

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane take a trip back in the Time Machine and do some compare and contrast in regards to what is happening in the podcasting space today. I think you will find this conversation stimulating as we challenge all of you that are listening to this show in helping us educate new podcasters coming into the podcasting space.

Reach out to Rob @ rob@voxnest.com or Todd @ todd@blubrry.com

Happy Podcasting!

2 thoughts on “Time Machine #209

  1. Hi Todd and Rob,
    Regarding your discussion on MP3 chapters, it’s been in the MP3 spec for a while. Auphonic has supported it since I started using the service a few years ago and Marco Arment recently released a tool called Forecast (https://overcast.fm/forecast) that helps make chapters (and encode the MP3 itself).

    I’ve been using it on my show for the past few months and it has been really easy. It picks up markers in the WAV file that we were already including in Audition to make timecodes in our show notes and makes them chapters. If you have a description on the marker it’ll use that as a URL to show in the player.

    Not all players support chapters fully, but a number do. Overcast does (obviously), and my preferred iOS player iCatcher does as well. If you want to see it in practice, you can download a recent episode from my show here: https://www.transmissionspodcast.com/2018/06/alt-mode-episode-80-the-falling-chapter-4-the-hallowing-optimus-prime-19-review/. We were already including the detailed timecodes because some of our listeners wanted to skip the spoiler-filled comic reviews we do, and this makes it much easier for them if their player supports it.

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