Google Podcasting App Product Manager #212

In an exclusive first public interview Todd Cochrane @geeknews and Rob Greenlee @robgreenlee interview Zack Reneau-Weden @zackrw Google’s Podcasting App Product Manager to talk about Google’s new entry into the podcasting space, and ask him a series of question ranging from technical, to the vision Google has, to what’s next. This is an interview that every podcaster should listen to, that will give you insights on how you can best utilize the 8000-pound gorilla known Google to promote and grow your show.

It’s very obvious from this discussion that Google is very serious about building podcast audiences globally on the Android platform and you will start to understand the absolute power you will have by having your own .com when it comes to promoting and growing your show. This is a 100 min podcast full of very valuable information. Plus some interesting discussions about will podcasting have a place deeper in Google search.

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Happy Podcasting!

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