Podcast Movement Review #215

This is simply a monster show weighing in at 2 hours and 15 minutes. We are joined by Ed Ryan Editor of Radioink and he gives us the low down on the broadcaster track. Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee cover the rest of the show, lessons learned, feedback to organizers and all the backroom chatter that took place. If you missed Podcast Movement or want a secondary perspective of the show this is the episode to tune in.

The “New Media Show” is simple 215 episodes of everything podcasting. You can earn a PhD in Podcasting by listening to this entire series. Feel free to work your way backward in the content.

Reach out to Rob @ rob@voxnest.com or Todd @ todd@blubrry.com

Happy Podcasting!

2 thoughts on “Podcast Movement Review #215

  1. Someone should let Ed know that there is no podcast getting 10k downloads that has terrible content up front. If people aren’t listening, then it’s not getting downloaded consistently. Nobody can measure when I turn the volume knob down during radio commercial breaks either. With that logic, how do they definitively know an ad gets listened to on radio?

  2. Huge episode team! I would love to hear both and Todd and Rob tackle the question of “what exactly do you guys (as podcasting luminaries) want the relationship with radio to be”? ..as I didn’t feel either answer was all that well thought out, in fact it sounded a like neither host had ever really thought about it – which I’m sure isn’t the case.

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