RSS is Dying #217

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discuss a topic that came up this week on RSS and has it outlived its usefulness. Plus a little humor on how you can run a business for free. Plus a myriad of topics that are affecting the podcasting world.

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The “New Media Show” is simply 217 episodes of everything podcasting. You can earn a Ph.D. in Podcasting by listening to this entire series. Feel free to work your way backward in the content.

Here is a review left by a listener of the show: 5 Stars

Biased, fun review of all things new in podcasting: Sure they’re old school, like ground floor old school. Sure they are biased towards their respective companies’ approach to podcasting. But they care about us. A lot. And it shows. I listen to keep up with the cutting edge of the industry and I listen to relax. It’s not a show for everyone, but I’m not “everyone” and I enjoy hearing from those who fight to improve our community. It’s fun to get to know some of the most passionate and influential people in the podcasting space as real people

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