Adam Curry Definitive Podcast History #228

Adam Curry Definitive Podcast History is tacked on to the end of the New Media Show today so when you get to the end of the show there are 18 more minutes of content. Adam tells the origin story of Podcasting it is important that we make sure that history is not re-written.

Rob and I both started what we defined as our Podcast in the same period this all was getting kicked of with Rob’s show pre-dating podcasting and my first show launching in very early October 2004. Everyone has an opinion on this but the simple fact is Adam created the 1st Podcacher that synced with the iPod and it would have not been possible without Dave Winer adding the enclosure tag to RSS 2.0. There is more to this story.

Rob and I also discuss other events that have happened in the past week as well.

Source Links No Agenda Show Episode 1084 Approx 1 hour 55minutes start
Adam Curry Interview – Podcast Legends

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