2019 Podcast Predictions #232

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discuss our 2019 Podcast Predicitons. This is an Audio only show as Todd is on travel with his new Grandbaby in Tampa. Happy New Year everyone we will see you next week, Todd will be in Vegas for CES so Audio only next few weeks as well.

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One thought on “2019 Podcast Predictions #232

  1. Regarding ‘the discovery problem’ I think I would boil it down to Apple’s lack of search competence.

    If an average person hears about a podcast and goes looking for it, they are either going to Google it, or look for it on iTunes.

    If they Google it and the podcast has a good website, then they will likely be in luck.

    But, if they go to iTunes (a.k.a. Apple Podcasts) and search, it is quite likely they might not find the podcast (as Apple’s search tech seems to be stuck back in pre-Alta Vista days).

    So, yes, I think it is critical that podcasters have a reasonably good website in hopes people go the Google route. But, if they look towards Apple – which would seem a reasonable thing to do – they are at the mercy of the little search engine that couldn’t. There have been times I’ve known the exact name of a podcast and couldn’t find it via Apple’s search.

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