Should Big Platforms Pay for our Content #382

Todd Cochrane CEO of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn discuss is it time for podcaster get paid for allowing their shows to be on platforms like Spotify, Pandora etc. As the push continues in monetizing around our content is it time we all get some revenue share. Or will it be better to start limiting where our content is distributed? We also talk about changes at the Podcast Academy.

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One thought on “Should Big Platforms Pay for our Content #382

  1. Howdy Todd and Rob,
    Another concern I have with the continued growth in player app advertising that does not provide revenue share to the podcaster is the impact that the advertising will have on the patron/donation model that many podcasters use to fund their operations. Will listeners hear ads and assume that the podcasters are rolling in revenue, not realizing that the podcaster isn’t seeing a dime?
    Will we have to explain in every episode that we aren’t seeing any money from those ads that are interrupting the show, or even from the subscription fee they pay to have ad free experience? Not only is the listener being asked to ads, but they still have to support the show financially. What will suffer is the patron support.
    YouTube asks viewers to support the content creators by watching ads and clicking links. It’s a trade off. Whats happening in podcasting isn’t.
    Look, I’m not a big show with big numbers anyway. I certainly won’t be making big advertising dollars anytime soon, but I’m concerned I will also not be able to drive supports to Patreon because they already are spending time and money on Spotify and Stitcher to either hear ads or pay for premium. Why should I keep producing content? I certainly am not doing it just to be heard. I love podcasting, but I’m not that magnanimous.

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