Podcasting Changes in 2021 #440

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn discuss changes coming to podcasting in 2021 and how the landscape is morphing with all the new services that are coming on the scenes.

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2 thoughts on “Podcasting Changes in 2021 #440

  1. The opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone.. except for those of which I have borrowed or stolen in which case legal ownership is a bit murky. Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of these opinions, without the express written consent of Major League Baseball, is prohibited. It’s all fine with me what you do with these opinions but those MLB people.. they are sticklers!!

    No spelling check was performed as I didn’t want to cancel out any letters that never did any harm to me. I also didn’t want to be accused of being biased and/or racist over one set of letters over another.

    Now With further ado, more non-opinion words..

    These opinions are not FDIC insured but should be. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Your mileage may vary. By reading this, you resolve me of any illegal thoughts, intentions and/or actions, and may not pursue any legal remedies towards me of any kind. Also you owe me an unspecified (but probably large) amount of Bitcoin because I took the time to give you honest feedback or else you are going to go to jail.


    OK.. finally.. onto my comments!!

    1 – TODDDDDD.. whatever drugs you are on.. I want some!! Whatever can make you loopey enough to encode NMS-2021-03-07 at 320kbps must be some real good stuff!! Hit me up dude!!

    But, lets just say for the moment you weren’t on some mind-altering substances when you doing your encoding.. were you trying to hide your poorer than usual audio?? Sorry but THAT didn’t work.. Rob sounded fine but you were a lot worse than normal. How about avoiding Skype in the future!!

    2 – What happen to the recent discussion you had on the show of making the show MP3s smaller?? NMS-2021-02-13 was done at 96kbps but since then it has ballooned back to 128 and now 320!! TODDDD.. think of the children who are using their weekly allowance money to pay for their cell phone plans.. and here you go blowing up their monthly data usage with this insane bitrate you just used!! Trust me, stick to 80kbps, mono and everyone will be happy. If 80kbps is good enough for CD rips of mono 1940s big band music found on USENET, it is probably good enough for spoken word NMS!! Ohh, forget what I just wrote.. more Government “rescue” stimulus checks were just voted for and are on the way.. crisis averted!! Feel free to start replacing MP3 with FLAC!!

    3 – Not sure why it takes around 4 days for the show to post since you don’t edit the show and post production is probably limited to using auphonic, but if you could please add in a de-esser in the mix for Rob, I would appreciate it. Since he changed microphones, it has been noticeable!! Also, how about some ID3 info in the MP3 file!! Empty tags is not what I expect from Hall-of-Fame podcasters!!

    4 – Did you know if you type “Todd Cochrane Rob” into ALL SEEING, ALL KNOWING GOOGLE, the suggestive next word is LOWE. Actually, it doesn’t. Well, it does.. but only if COCHRANE is spelled wrong.

    5 – Your previous 2 podcasts before NMS-2021-03-07 were really subpar. One was pretty much void of any meaningful discussion.. it was like biting into a puff of air.. and the CLUBHOUSE episode was almost “Ask The Podcast Coach” without Dave & Jim.. not what I expect from NMS!! And what is with shows only being an hour?? I had been enjoying the audio-only shows as they seem more focused and substantive, and your last show was a return to that (less the AI and blockchain discussion) but why only an hour long??

    6 – Not sure why Rob has such a hard-on for CLUBHOUSE. I don’t remember him behaving this way about BLAB!! And that is what CLUBHOUSE essentially is.. BLAB without the creepy naked guys. BLAB was great as well.. in the beginning.. until the masses showed up and it started catering to the lowest common denominator. And that is what will happen to CLUBHOUSE if it ever opens up to everyone. Plus I am sure all the Android users LOVE when CLUBHOUSE is talked about ad nauseam.

    My son when he was a teenager realized this truth of life which is.. everything over time starts to suck!! And so will CLUBHOUSE once the novelty of it wears out, competitors show up, and great numbers of people start using/abusing it. Yeah, STICKAM was once great.. but where is it now?? MEERKAT/HOUSEPARTY and PERISCOPE?? Remember when GOOGLE HANGOUTS.. SNAPCHAT.. PINTREST.. INSTAGRAM were all the super hot place to be?? I feel pretty confident that in a year CLUBHOUSE, along with FIRESIDE and TWITTER SPACES, will just be platforms you may want to use for your as you currently now stream to Facebook and YouTube.

    7 – I am glad that Rob doesn’t seem to be totally obsessed with CLUBHOUSE and is checking out TWITTER SPACES. Hopefully a NMS will originate from there but you really need to do it only once. I can see perhaps doing a show exclusively from SPACES, CLUBHOUSE and FIRESIDE once a quarter or so just to keep abreast of how those platforms are fairing. But there is no immediate reason to again do a show from CLUBHOUSE. Yeah, you might like being there as you may gain a new follower/subscriber but, from a listeners view point, not much value and it doesn’t make for a very interesting show. Rob, keep checking out the new platforms and keeping up with the old ones.. but don’t go overboard over any of them!!

    8 – To paraphrase the rock group Cracker, “What the world needs now is another Podcast Awards show, like I need a hole in my head.” REALLY.. we REALLY need another one?? REALLY?? That like we need another new cryptocurrency for GPUs to mine!!

    Both of you, save yourself a lot of grief having to worry about the cost of those award statues.. give out VIRTUAL AWARDS!! Present them something that can be posted on their website and/or photoshopped into a picture with the podcast hosts. A REAL award is stupid!! Like that piece of metal & plastic really means anything to the winner.. 99.9% of the joy is from knowing they actually won.. not that they get a trophy.. unless that podcast host is 10 years old then they may care.. but hardly anyone else will. If not virtual awards, how about just giving a cash prize?? Who doesn’t like or want that?? It is what the Government does!!

    I recently watched an early 70s TONIGHT SHOW on YT and Johnny asked Mel Brooks where his Oscar was.. and Mel said it was at his moms. And he also said his wife’s Oscar was at her moms. So.. what do you think is going to happen to the majority of the ones you give out??

    9 – Last point (yes I heard you yell FINALLY in your mind)..

    Todd you need to get off talking about $$ so often. It’s boring and you don’t come across very well, a little like a pre-ghosted Scrooge!! In several episodes you complain about how much $$ your podcast awards “statue” costs, the cost of reworking the Podcast Awards website, or that Bluberry is such a small company. But then you say without hesitation or looking into your bank account that it’s time to buy a new Macbook because the one you have just blue screened.. for the first time. Or that you need to hire an assistant.. or that you have 3 studios you can podcast in, each full of expensive equipment. You can’t have it both ways!!

    OK BYE!!

    Lee O. LaPuke
    (occasional NO AGENDA end-of-show mix producer since 2017 and professional, but very very poorly paid for the effort, podcast listener)

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