Follow versus Subscribe #441

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn hold the show on Clubhouse and we discuss follow versus subscribing and the ongoing discussion about the proliferation of bad advice on Podcast Forums.

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2 thoughts on “Follow versus Subscribe #441

  1. TODDDDD,, you DID think of the children!! First, you MUST have let some neighborhood kindergartner or perhaps a very young nephew or niece of yours edit and encode the podcast. How else to explain 32kbps at a frequency of 16000.. no beginning or ending to the podcast.. no explicit language disclaimer (like there ever is but there should be) AND it was labeled wrong (NMS-2021-02-10p.. it isn’t FEB anymore and what does P mean). I am sure all the kids who downloaded the episode appreciated that was just 10% as large as the one before it so they didn’t have to worry about going over their monthly data allotment.

    But, unfortunately, you probably did some permanent damage to their poor little ears. That had to be about the worst sounding podcast I have heard since 2007 or so. I heard better sounding podcasts back on OpenPodcast which is where people use to make podcast while calling in on their dial-up phone!! To quote Dave Jackson, your podcast sound was “caca popo”. Rob was ESPECIALLY AWFUL.. very distorted and Ssssing up a storm!! Your first caller who had an accent was almost unintelligible.

    It is a shame your sound was so terrible (it needed to be 2 or 3 times better to be considered complete crap) as the content was really good!! Sounded as if you knew all the callers & they knew you so no stupid podcast 101 questions were asked, and any podcast with Paul Colligan and Tom Webster is going to be very interesting.

    Another bright spot.. you published the episode fairly quickly. But, again, just an hour show. Give me back that half hour you have taken away from me!!

    Not sure what is going on with your technical issues, especially in encoding the MP3, but hope they can be rectified quickly.

    Lee O. LaPuke
    (one quarter Knight of the No Agenda Roundtable.. I think my right leg can enjoy the hookers and blow, & mutton and mead). If it ever does, it never tells me!!

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