Tech Issues integrating Clubhouse #442

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn hold the show on Clubhouse and this time the tech bugs showed up. Regular show on Wednesday but there is some interview goodness as we have a special guest join us for a little while Steve Olsher from Podcast Magazine and Clubpod joins us.

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One thought on “Tech Issues integrating Clubhouse #442

  1. TODDDD!! I won’t belabor this point too much since you addressed it in the show and you seem aware of it. But.. just in case you need a reminder.. Rob’s audio was CRAPPPP.. all the way through, not just at the 58 minute mark when the chatroom mentioned it. I am really surprised it wasn’t mentioned a lot earlier or that you weren’t hearing his distortion and volume fluctuations. It was really bad.. distractingly bad!! Many, MANY times he was either so overly modulated/distorted as to be unintelligible or else so quiet he was barely heard (1:10:50 for example). Second show in a row that Rob’s audio was poop!!

    Fourth show in a row with a different bitrate, 112 this time. I am betting on 192 or 224 kbps next show!! At least the show was 1.5 hours long so thanks for that!!

    I know you pride yourself in never editing the show (which goes completely against what Dave Jackson preaches) so thanks for subjecting listeners to around 10 minutes of you and Rob trying to figure out why Clubhouse wasn’t working. Super awesome listening experience!! (please note the sarcasm oozing from my fingers onto my keyboard) Also, I thought you ran the show through Auphonic but after listening to how Rob’s voice levels bounced to either extreme, I am doubting you even do that.

    Not sure why you are monkeying around so much with your format. It has worked so well for many years. I listen to get yours and Rob’s opinion (along with Robb Walsh every quarter as well as the other occasional guest). I am a lot less incline to listen if I am getting a lot less of Todd & Rob and just more random Clubhouse opinions. There are enough other podcasts where I can get those same kind of random thoughts but NMS is the only one with both of you. I understand to a degree why you want to explore Clubhouse (and “social audio” in general) but it has been to the detriment of the show’s quality. The past five shows are collectively been the worst you have put out in the few years I have listened. You are correct in that listening to all your previous shows might have given me a PhD in podcasting but what I have gotten out of the past five shows wouldn’t get me out of the pre-school!! The show has lately suffered.. you can blame tech failure for some of it, but this emphasis on Clubhouse and the changes it has brought to the show has made a fairly consistently interesting and predictable high quality show become chaotic, uneven, and a lot less interesting to listen to. I am finding less value in your show than I use to so I am close at the point of not carrying to download & listen anymore. (perhaps that is your plan all along – to make me stop writing these silly negative comments after each show.. go back to the ways things were so I can have more time for other things in my life!!)

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my message from last episode.

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