Overcast and the Redirect Dilema #443

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn have a quick show due to Todd having an AMA with the Podcast Movement University. We discuss the latest hot trends in the space and the news that Marco from Overcast is trying to solve some technical issues revolving around chartable and podsights redirect in some instances being blocked by ad blockers.

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One thought on “Overcast and the Redirect Dilema #443

  1. Rob’s vocals were SHIT again.. well in fairness, it ranged from SHIT to passable. It seemed the longer he talked, the better it sounded. Still, was very distorted with lots of volume fluctuations. The show’s content was fine but Rob’s unpredictable vocals makes it hard to listen. The 2nd Clubhouse caller also seemed distorted which makes me wonder..

    Todd, are you not hearing how bad Rob sounds when recording and just ignoring it?? If Rob is sounding fine to you, then perhaps YOUR recording capture is messed up. Can’t believe three episodes in a row and Rob’s vocals still sound awful!! Do you not sample listen to the show before posting and hear how badly Rob is being distorted?? Using Auphonic or even Levelator would have helped some as Rob was often very quite.. but since you don’t seem to do any kind of editing/post production, you put out sub-par sounding episodes. I guess better than nothing!!

    128kbps and stereo?? Why is this being changed every week?? Keep it at 80kbps/mono and for fuggedaboutit!! Anything else is a waste of bandwidth and storage.

    Approx 5 minutes of talking about Macs & Tricasters?? On an already super short show?? Not why 99% of us listen.

    Another “short” show.. although this has basically become the “regular” length!!

    Not sure why I bother to post here.. apparently no one else is complaining. The show is free and no one is forcing me to download & listen!! It must be me!! All that paste eating in pre-school has finally caught up with me. Apparently the show is GREAT for everyone else so keep doing whatever that is you do!! OK BYE!!

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