Back to Normal #447

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn drop clubhouse for now and get back to a more normal show. Enough of the chaos bad sound and technical logistics. We also get Rob’s Audio dialed in finally. Sorry for the craziness I know you will enjoy this show immensely.

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One thought on “Back to Normal #447

  1. My comments are based on a 64kbps download of the YouTube audio..

    Rob sounded a lot better this episode.. no more 3-4 second ramp up of his vocal levels like in the previous few shows. But Rob still doesn’t sound nearly as good as he did with his old Mackie mixer setup. He use to sound equal to Todd in both tone and volume but, while Todd has remained a 9.5+ in sound quality, Rob is about now at an 8. He sounds more compressed, less full toned, a little bit more AM radio than Todd. His levels are also significantly lower than Todd’s. Not fun having the volume up higher than normal just to hear Rob but then have Todd’s vocals hit my eardrum like a fired missile from one of jet fighters he use to work on.

    I got the chance to actually watch the show on both YouTube and Twitch, wondering if there was any audio difference between the two. I couldn’t discern any. Then decided to use a website to download the YouTube audio so I could check that out more closely. Todd says he runs the NMS through Auphonics but not sure what it is doing, if anything, to the audio. My downloaded mono 64kbps was half the size Todd usually makes available but sounded no different to me than the regular NMS audio. I even compared my downloaded version with one I had saved, NMS-07-24-20, and it sounds basically the same.. Todd sounds perfect.. Rob did too on that 2020 show. So why do you keep putting the show out in 128kbps stereo?? Why are you making it TWICE as large as it needs to be?

    I find it interesting that Todd gives the impression that most of the complaints lately about audio are concerning the Clubhouse guests. Yes, a couple of callers have had bad audio, usually because of failing to mute when not talking. But, to me, it has mostly been Rob’s audio that has been the most distracting. There is no excuse why Rob’s audio should be as poor as it has been.

    Lastly, this episode was a return to what made the show worthwhile to listen to. As Todd likes to say over and over again, people listen to the show to hear to Todd and Rob discuss topics between themselves. They want to hear Todd and Rob have prolong, uninterrupted, substantive discussions. Listeners want those professors of Podcasting to use their great knowledge of and long histories in “the podcasting space” to ruminate, dissect, and perhaps argue over the current topics facing podcasting today. Listening to Todd and Rob have to answer questions like “what podcasting equipment are you using” is kind of beneath them, especially when Todd tosses out that he is using $40,000 worth of equipment that isn’t even necessary. It was a waste of time to hear all that!! Please just stick to the proven hour and a half format you guys have been using for years and leave the Clubhouse’s podcasting 101 questions to “Ask The Podcast Coach”. Dave & Jim are well equipped to answer those kind of questions, and frankly, do it better than you two. If Rob really can’t stay away from Clubhouse, please just make it a very infrequent episode and tell all callers to mute when not talking!! You took something that wasn’t broke and broke it!! You almost completely fixed it with this episode. No need to break it again!!

    OK BYE!!

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