Time for Podcast Foundation? #470

Todd Cochrane Founder of Blubrry Podcasting and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn get caught up after Todd was at two events and they also discuss is it time for a podcast foundation.

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One thought on “Time for Podcast Foundation? #470

  1. Hello there,
    thanks for doing this show. I listen to the New Media Show” as regularly as I do Libsyn’s “the Feed” and “Podland News”.

    Re. organisation-financing – kickstarter is a good idea….

    I like how you rationalized the numbers behind approaching the goal of organising independent podcast creators. I am for it and have made a small donation to your show (I am not a rich man). Hopefully other independent creators get the drift.

    I am a Language Trainer (Jamaican) living in Berlin Germany for the time being. In Germany we say – “anything that costs nothing is worth nothing” (not necessarily a saying that I always agree with since the likes of Facebook and other BigBoys have built the wealth of nations on the backs of free-content) I am also somewhat disappointed with other podcasters who are actively oblivious to the fact that they are being violated by so many – all at once.

    The name of my show is “English Coach Podcast – Living the Language”. It is not a teaching podcast, but a show run by a teacher. I have no intention of placing my show behind a paywall. I disdain most “curators” who mercilessly exploit the work of “creators” for commercial gain – under the pretence of following the same calling – when the ONLY thing they follow is shareholder value. An insidious exploitation that leads the [curators] to effectively treat creators with contempt.. As a business graduate, I am well aware of the fact that it is only in business where the word “exploit” is a good one, and in many ways it’s all in the game. The game is changing though – and many creators of all sorts are learning to take ownership of their own content and their own audiences on their own platforms.

    At any rate – to each his own and keep up the good work.

    Greets from Berlin Germany

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