Podcast Standards Project #536

Todd Cochrane, Founder of Blubrry Podcasting, and Rob Greenlee, founder of Spoken Life Media, discuss the importance of supporting Open RSS and pushing for new features to increase adoption. We address criticisms from larger platforms that RSS is not innovative enough. We introduce the Podcast Standards Project, which addresses these issues and encourages listening platforms to support it if implemented correctly. We acknowledge the hard work of those involved and others who have taken a lead role in this project, which involves around 20 people. They emphasize that this project is moving slowly but is free from politics or discussion.

00:00:00 Introduction Of Rob With Technical Difficulties
00:02:39 Blubrry’s Decision To Not Adopt Certain Practices And Response To Criticism
00:08:13 Challenges Of Providing Lower Bandwidth Audio Files In Apps And Podcasts
00:09:14 Discussion Of Alternate Enclosures In PodNews Weekly
00:16:32 The Purpose Of The Podcast Standards Project: Addressing Issues And Encouraging Listening Platforms To Support It.
00:21:36 Collaborative Efforts To Remove Politics From Membership Standards
00:27:26 Advocating For Open RSS In Podcasting Industry
00:30:08 The Importance Of Moving Away From Apple’s Control In The Podcasting Industry
00:40:06 Minimum Standard For RSS In Open Ecosystem With Uncertain Participation
00:41:46 Open Podcasting: Advantages For Creators And Listeners
00:47:31 Pushing For Inclusion In Tag Adoption
00:49:55 Objective Feedback On Working With Others In A Competitive Environment
00:54:55 Potential Conflicts And Compromises In Standards For Advertising And Monetization
00:59:02 Riverside Moves Closer To Descript In Audio And Video Creation Platform Competition
01:10:48 You Don’t Need To Create Social Media Clips Yourself
01:12:19 The Value Of One Person’s Time
01:18:35 Experimenting With Chatgpt to Compete With Derivative Companies
01:22:54 The Possibility Of Artificial General Intelligence In 1-2 Years Is Not Far-fetched.

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