Open RSS is why Podcasting Is Gatekeeper Free #541

In this episode of the New Media Show, we delve into the significance of open podcasting and how it has allowed the medium to thrive without gatekeepers. Open podcasting ensures creators can produce and distribute content without restrictions or gatekeepers. This open ecosystem has led to the explosive growth of podcasting and a diverse range of content for listeners to enjoy. The absence of gatekeepers allows podcasters to create and share content without being controlled or limited by external entities. This fosters creativity, innovation, and diverse perspectives, which are crucial for the growth and survival of the medium.

We also discuss the potential risks associated with a company that evaluates and grades podcast content, which could lead to biased assessments. If content grading becomes prevalent, it could lead to a slippery slope where biased assessments could influence podcast distribution, resulting in a less diverse and open ecosystem. It is crucial to balance the need for quality control with preserving the medium’s openness and freedom.

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