Unleashing the Potential of Audio and Video Content #547

Podcasts have transformed the media landscape, becoming a formidable medium bridging the gap between audio and video. We look at the rise of YouTube as a supposed leading podcast platform and the largely unanswered questions about what exactly consumers are watching on YouTube is it perceptions that the content sounds like a podcast but is nothing more than a YouTube channel that does not have a true accompanying podcast listing in a modern podcast app. We also discuss whose responsibility it is to promote a true Video Podcast, the Podcaster or Apple Podcasts. Or does Apple know that Audio consumption remains king, with billions of listens each month versus the supposed views happening on YouTube? We have yet to see so-called Podcasts on YouTube live up to the hype being reported. While we do now, the 18-34 range leans towards audio podcasting remains to this day, the easier space to break out in.

Note: Cumulus Media | Westwood One and Signal Hill Insights commissioned MARU/Matchbox to survey weekly podcast consumers in April 2023. We want to thank Paul Riismandel for joining us and breaking the survey down.

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