Growing Audience with Lisa Laporte, CEO, #549

Lisa Laporte, CEO of, and Rob Greenlee, Co-host of New Media Show, have a discussion about Video and Audio Podcasting and its history and where it is now, and where it is going. We also discuss the complex Podcast Advertising Market and YouTube Music with Podcasts that are video only and future support for Audio. Many other topics were discussed, like flying cars and other topics about This Week In Tech Network’s Club TWIT Subscription and Marketing strategies to grow podcast and YouTube audiences.

Our guest, Lisa LaPorte, has been involved in the podcasting industry for 15-16 years. She discusses the evolution of podcasting, noting how it has grown from being audio-only to incorporating video. Lisa and the Rob discuss the changes in the medium, including the rise of video content and platforms like YouTube and TikTok. They also talk about the future of content creation, predicting an increase in independent contractors entering the new media space. The conversation shifts to the topic of advertising in podcasts. Lisa explains the advertising model of her network, Twit, which includes host-read ads within the content of their shows. She also discusses their recent partnerships for dynamic ad insertion in their audio content.

Throughout the conversation, the speakers reflect on the evolution of podcasting, the impact of technology, and the future of the industry. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by advertising and monetization in podcasting.

1. How has the evolution of technology impacted the podcasting industry?
2. What are the pros and cons of different advertising models in podcasting?
3. How might the rise of independent contractors change the landscape of content creation?

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