AI Discriminates Against Black Podcasters #551

Todd and Rob discuss the news that an AI suitability tool has discriminated against black podcasters in only what can be described as a told-you-so moment that we have discussed on this show in the past and is a watershed moment that should make podcasters pause. It raises the question does Urban One podcast network have a case against the company that caused 92% of their shows to be demonetized?

Much of the discussion focused on artificial intelligence and its growing impact on media. As AI tools become more advanced, they are used to generate massive volumes of content like blog posts and articles. Todd pointed out how this could decrease trust in the AI-created range in the future.

The human perspective shared through podcasts, videos, and live events may become more valued. However.

Regarding podcasting industry trends, Todd and Rob noted that podcast episode publishing has declined as some creators have pulled back. However, the audience reach of the remaining shows continues to grow. They also discussed upcoming podcast support features from platforms like TikTok and expanding kids’ audiences.

Regarding monetization, the hosts discussed how economic conditions have led some sponsors to scale back podcast advertising spending this year. However, other opportunities like micropayments and cryptocurrency donations remain vital areas of interest and innovation—that and much much more.

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