Using off the Shelf AI Tools for Podcast Production

AI Tools for Content Creation

Much of the podcast discussion focused on how Todd has been experimenting with AI tools like Claude, ChatGPT & Midjourney to help streamline his content post-production workflow. He discussed using AI to generate titles, summaries, keywords, and other metadata for his show notes. While noting that the AI output still requires significant human editing, Todd talked about how these tools have allowed him to significantly expand show notes and metadata to provide more value for search engines.

This led to a broader conversation about how search is changing with the rise of large language models like Google’s LaMDA and Bing.  Todd and Rob discussed how content creators must optimize their show notes for these new language models to ensure their content is discoverable and ranks well in future search results. They discussed how this requires focusing on long-form, in-depth content with extensive metadata, summaries, and transcripts.

Podcast Advertising and Acast

Switching topics, the hosts discussed recent news around podcast advertising and Acast. They analyzed Acast’s recent financial results showing growing revenues but continued losses, questioning how it is still unprofitable given its sizable ad revenues. This led to a debate around digital audio ad rates, profit margins, and the challenges of scaling host-read podcast ads.

Daily vs. Weekly Podcast Publishing Cadences

Later in the show, Todd and Rob discussed the grueling nature of daily podcast publishing. They debated the viability of shows that publish daily or multiple times per week, noting the production demands and risk of podcaster burnout. This tied back to the news that the Sounds Profitable podcast was shifting to a daily cadence. The hosts were skeptical that a daily schedule was sustainable long-term for most podcast producers.

Podcast Movement Conference

As the upcoming Podcast Movement conference approached, Todd and Rob discussed their plans to attend and record The New Media Show live. They also discussed other happenings and events around Podcast Movement, including sessions, networking events, and vendor exhibits.

Podcast Apps and Value for Value

Throughout the episode, Todd and Rob highlighted podcast apps like Fountain and Podverse that enable value-4-value transactions through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. They encouraged listeners to try out these new apps and offered up some Satoshis for those that tried the new modern podcast appsl.


In summary, Todd and Rob covered many pressing topics related to new media, podcasting, AI, and the industry’s ongoing evolution.  Please check out all the new Podcast Apps at that support Podcast 2.0 initiatives. You can also boost the show V4V and have your boost read live, the easiest way to keep the podcast.

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