Podcast Movement 2023

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee bring you the New Media Show live from Podcast Movement 2023 with guests James Cridland of Podnews and Anne Kavanagh, the new CEO of Ossa. We spent just over an hour talking about the podcasting space—everything from Acquisitions, AI, RSS and the battle between open and closed platforms. We discuss how the area will change over the next couple of years.

The show summary is as follows:

  • The recent acquisition of Squadcast by Descript – indicates consolidation in the podcast industry with tools merging. Also shows the convergence of audio and video in podcasting.
  • Importance of video in podcasting – varying opinions on whether it is essential. Video can help attract audiences from one platform to another.
  • YouTube’s upcoming entry into podcasting – will accept RSS feeds in the YouTube Music app. It could help podcasters get content on YouTube without needing video.
  • The tension between large platforms like Spotify and the open RSS ecosystem. Podcasters should consider audience privacy when choosing services.
  • Open Podcast Standards project – seeking to extend the capabilities of RSS to benefit podcasters and listeners and trying to get large platforms to adopt new namespaces.
  • Pod fading – around 50% of new podcasters stop by episode 7. Hard to keep consistency and passion. It’s a good time now for new shows as competition drops.
  • Monetizing shows – in many ways, like ads, V4V listener patronage, and driving business. You don’t need a huge audience.
  • International growth – Markets like Europe and Middle East will see more growth—different expectations outside the US.
  • AI and podcasting – more consolidation of AI tools into platforms is expected. It can help with tasks, not content. Unique human voices will still be valued.

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