Deirdre Tshien, CEO of AI Company Capsho

The New Media Show recently had an insightful discussion between host Rob Greenlee and guest Deirdre Tshien, CEO of AI-powered podcast post-production platform CapShow, about the future of artificial intelligence in podcasting and important issues like free speech and content moderation. They also discuss Podcast Movement and the insights of the show.

Key highlights from their wide-ranging conversation:

  • Podcast Movement brings together a community of podcasters for an annual reunion and bonding experience. Longtime attendees enjoy catching up with friends while new faces join each year as the industry evolves.
  • The enthusiasm and welcoming nature of the podcasting community were noted by many first-time Podcast Movement attendees this year. Podcasting retains a spirit of collaboration despite growing commercialization.
  • However, Deirdre didn’t see anything that truly blew her mind or seemed highly innovative. In just the past year since CapShow launched, AI capabilities have already advanced significantly and become more commonplace.
  • This year, Podcast Movement added “brain dates” – small group discussions on specialized topics that fostered meaningful networking. Both Deirdre and Rob participated in brain dates.
  • The intersection of podcasting and live video was discussed, as platforms like StreamYard sponsor and attend Podcast Movement. Some friction exists around whether video belongs in podcasting.
  • Overall, Podcast Movement continues to be a vital community-building event for the podcast industry. It offers opportunities for creators at all levels to learn, connect, and glimpse the latest innovations.
  • AI is having a huge impact on the podcasting industry. New AI tools are emerging for automated editing, content recommendations, and even generating synthetic voices. But we must thoughtfully balance leveraging AI while preserving the “humanness” that builds audience connections.
  • There are generational differences in how podcasting is perceived – while older generations see it as audio-only content distributed via RSS, younger generations view it more broadly as on-demand audio/video content from multiple platforms. This is driving rapid growth but also some friction in the industry.
  • The crowds and community at events like Podcast Movement make them special reunions and bonding experiences for podcasters. But there is also an influx of new faces as the industry evolves.
  • Concerns were raised about the implications of AI like deepfakes and synthetic media. We may need disclaimers about AI-generated content to maintain trust. But there was also excitement about the possibilities like automating podcast creation.
  • An in-depth discussion on free speech and content moderation spurred by new legislation worldwide raised questions about protecting speech versus preventing harm. The role of journalism and the dangers of suppressing dissenting voices were highlighted.
  • The future promises continued waves of innovation in podcasting workflows and AI assistance. But hosts should thoughtfully consider their creative integrity as more powerful automation capabilities emerge.

This thought-provoking episode touched on multiple essential trends shaping the podcasting medium while offering insights from both creator and tech company perspectives. There are undoubtedly exciting opportunities ahead, but we must mitigate risks as podcasting continues maturing.

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