Is the 1 Minute Podcast Measurement Standard to Short? #557

In some recent interviews Todd has been on, he has asked if the 1-minute minimum measurement standard used in Podcasting is too short. Should it be longer, or should there be higher qualifying standards on a listen/download? This likely would not be a popular idea, but he wonders if there needs to be a change. A rundown of the podcast follows below.

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Show Summary: Podcast Mirror was recently relaunched to enable podcasters to access podcasting 2.0 features like value-for-value, even if their central hosting platform does not support the new specs. It allows podcasters on “non-compliant” hosts to have a standards-compliant feed with features like live streaming. We discuss how Podcast Mirror can intervene in meals to duplicate and add 2.0 functionality while keeping existing content intact. This also aids transitions between podcast hosts. We discuss future adoption levels. If there’s wider adoption, the relaunch of Podcast Mirror aims to allow more podcasters to access podcasting 2.0 abilities through feed transformation and enhancement.

We reflect on the early challenges of podcasting before hosting platforms like Libsyn emerged. Hosting podcasts used to be very expensive, often costing thousands monthly for servers and bandwidth. This motivated building audience size to cover costs. In the early days, many podcasters were anti-commercialization and reluctant to take on sponsors. This was about an article written by Steve Goldstein on the Three eras of Podcasting.

We discuss developments in AI like DALL-E 3 and how it could help generate podcast art by integrating text and images more seamlessly integration of DALL-E 3 into ChatGPT.

We cover Sony Music pulling back on podcasting spend, attributing it to declining ad revenue. The paradox of podcasting being hot for listeners but declining as a business was discussed

We cover PodcastOne going public recently, opening around $4 but dropping rapidly to about $2. They speculated this reflected unrealistic valuations and would be hard to recover from.

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