How Low Can the Stock Go – Blood in the Streets #559

Podcast One’s Stock continues to go down. The question is how low can the stock go and if, at some point, there is a buying opportunity yet full of risk. But it’s a lousy omen of how far it’s dropped so far.

Show Summary: Todd talks about hosting the podcast awards ceremony on Saturday. They discuss computers and equipment needed for podcasting and video editing. Rob discusses upgrading his PC and workspace to improve his video editing capabilities. Todd advocates for Mac Minis as great bang-for-buck desktop computers.

Rob brings up predictions he saw that unknown, innovative podcasters doing great work under the radar will emerge. Todd agrees and says many of the shows nominated for the podcast awards were unknown to him but clearly successful.

They discuss recent podcast industry news, including:

  • Canada regulating streaming podcasts making over $10 million?
  • YouTube Music adding auto-download for podcasts
  • More platforms adding AI features like Descript
  • A new Shure SM7B microphone with built-in preamp
  • PodcastOne stock price plummeting

They debate layoffs and high staff numbers at public radio stations like WNYC. They conclude by soliciting ideas for a new podcast theme and cover art. Todd shows examples of AI-generated images he’s used for past episodes.

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