2023 to date State of Industry #560

Todd and Rob take a look at the statistics of show and episode production over the past 12 months. Based on pretty much all data the podcasting space still looks to be in a recession in new shows being created are still down, and episode production is slightly lower than 2022 to date. See the full summary below.

  • They discussed AI tools like ChatGPT and how Todd has been experimenting with using it to generate show notes and summarize podcast transcripts. He found you need to be very explicit in prompts to get good results.
  • They discussed the trend of podcast networks being required to use AI brand safety tools by advertisers and ad platforms. This puts pressure on creators to understand these tools.
  • Other topics included Bloomberg adding bonus content for Apple Podcast subscribers; the Death, Sex and Money podcast from WNYC.
  • The hosts experimented with asking ChatGPT to generate images based on prompts, with mixed results. They discussed how AI like ChatGPT, still has limitations.
  • Todd emphasized creators should become experts in AI to remain competitive and understand how to use tools like ChatGPT effectively. He predicts AI will bring big changes in 3 years.
  • They noted human stories and voices will still be valued alongside AI tools. The hosts plan to continue exploring AI impacts on new media.

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