YouTube Overlord of Podcasting? #561

YouTube Platform Challenges Discussed

Todd and Rob discussed the challenges and concerns of recommending YouTube to podcasters. Todd highlighted issues with the platform’s validation process, advertising policy, and monetization threshold. Additionally, he expressed concerns about the platform monetizing content and adding extra work for podcasters to manage each episode. They also discussed converting MP3 files into video files on YouTube and potentially losing metrics by replacing previously published episodes. Todd’s concerns about YouTube’s video-centric approach and Google’s past decisions regarding RSS were also discussed. Lastly, they discussed their concerns about Google’s decision to discontinue the Google Podcasts app, with Todd advising podcast creators to find alternative apps.

PHD In Podcasting?

Todd and Rob discussed an exciting new initiative – offering a ‘PhD in Podcasting’ to listeners who donate $1,000 to their show. They jokingly considered the logistics, including the design of the certificate and how to avoid counterfeiting. They also suggested that some listeners might be eligible for an honorary PhD. However, they acknowledged that no exams or qualifications would be required beyond the donation. The audience met the idea with amusement and intrigue, attracting many potential applicants.

Some AI Updates

The discussion covered the advancing technology of AI tools like Chat, Gpt, and Bard and how they can be used for conversations and image analysis. Rob shared his experience using these tools to analyze a podcast’s artwork. Todd mentioned testing the Zoom AI feature, which generates a summary of meetings and speculated about its potential for obsoleting third-party services. They discussed the importance of integrating AI into podcast hosting services and predicted that failure to do so would lead to the extinction of such companies within three years. They also reflected on the history and evolution of podcasting, including Leo Laporte’s past skepticism towards the medium. The conversation also involved regaining the rights to Todd’s book and updating it due to massive changes in the podcasting industry.

Podcasting Platform Progress

Rob and Todd discussed the potential for video podcasting to grow and their increased interest in this format. Todd emphasized the importance of feedback and communication between podcasters and hosting platforms and mentioned that they were working on improvements based on user suggestions. They also discussed the challenges of user interface (UI) design, acknowledging the need for consistency across different publishing methods. Todd and Rob discussed the advantages and disadvantages of other publishing platforms, noting that their platform offered more flexibility than WordPress. They concluded the discussion by reflecting on the need to occasionally overhaul a system rather than maintaining outdated versions. They also discussed the value-for-value feature in their interface and the current state of the podcasting industry.

Wrap Up

Rob and Todd discuss launching a new live show on the Streamyard channels in partnership with 4 Stream Yard. The show will focus on podcasts, content, and video and podcasting topics.  Todd shares his experience with roadcasters duo and the challenges of setting them up properly, mentioning that they are complicated devices requiring much testing. Adam Curry offers to send Todd configuration files.

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