The Challenge of Introducing Podcasts to the Mainstream #564

Todd and Rob, the mainstream, are already listening to podcasts! Yes, this is correct, but a portion of them have never heard a podcast, and we break it down with Tom Webster from Sounds Profitable to discuss how we get the remaining non-listeners to tune into a podcast. The conversation is pretty deep. Plus, Todd breaks the silence on a podcast you must listen to.

Oh, don’t create a podcast like this guy did!

Show Summary:

The podcast began with a critical look at the industry’s approach to growth and monetization, with Tom Webster emphasizing the need for a collective effort to bring in more advertisers and listeners. The conversation pivoted to the role of industry organizations and the potential need for a centralized body to coalesce various industry efforts, a sentiment echoed by Rob. There was a strong focus on the idea that more money in the industry would bring more opportunities, leading to growth and organization.

Todd discussed the everyday concerns of content creators, mainly how to attract more listeners. They explored strategies to increase podcasting awareness and encourage podcast listening, touching on the importance of engaging content and the challenges of existing promotional methods.

Tom highlighted that podcasting isn’t yet a $2 billion industry and stressed the need for more money to flow into the space. They examined the responsibilities of trade organizations and the potential benefits of an open approach to sharing industry resources.

Tom also touched on the need for the industry to take bigger risks in show development, moving away from the easy button of giving celebrities shows when they might not be suited for podcasting. He talked about the importance of podcasters understanding their audience and creating content that listeners genuinely desire.

The hosts discussed the potential of AI in podcast discovery, the importance of podcasters listening to other podcasts, especially within their genre, and the need for podcasters to clearly articulate the value proposition of their shows to their audience.

The dialogue ended with a call to podcasters to be sharper in promoting their shows and to equip their audience with language to recommend their podcasts effectively. This led to reflections on the importance of word-of-mouth for podcast discovery and growth.

The speaker’s commentary about word of mouth highlighted its critical role in podcast discovery. It was noted that word of mouth remains the primary way people discover new podcasts. Consequently, the ability to recommend a podcast—its ‘recommendability’—is vital. For a podcast to be recommendable, it must be of such quality that listeners will not regret passing it along to someone else; it must be compelling enough to stand up to the endorsement.

The conversation also addressed the personal aspect of recommendation. Since podcast listeners understand their friend’s and family’s interests, they are in a prime position to recommend podcasts that resonate with them. For instance, during a Thanksgiving dinner, if a topic arises that a podcast addresses effectively, a recommendation at that moment could be impactful. This underscores the importance of equipping listeners with the correct language and tools to recommend podcasts effectively and naturally in conversations.

Todd discussed The Marketing AI Show as an example of a recommended show as an exemplary case of a recommendable program. It was presented as an essential listen for anyone involved in business—not just those in podcasting or hosting. The show covers how AI will affect the marketing sector, addressing the tools and advancements professionals should be aware of, including some political aspects, suggesting that the content is comprehensive and touches on various relevant topics.

Todd admitted to initially keeping the podcast to themselves, humorously underscoring its value. The underlying message was that if you aim to remain competitive and informed in the business world, especially with the rapid advancements in AI, listening to the Marketing AI show is almost necessary.

The discussion suggests that the podcasting community could grow much faster by harnessing this word-of-mouth effect, emphasizing the need for content creators to craft their shows with this in mind.

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