The Shift from Mainstream Media to Podcasting #580

This episode of “The New Media Show,” hosted by Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, delves into the shifting media consumption landscape from mainstream sources to podcasting. The conversation begins with the hosts discussing the technical aspects of live-streaming platforms and the intricacies of timing content delivery across various platforms.

Todd Cochrane shares his recent experiences with artificial intelligence (AI), expressing how it has been heavily incorporated into testing and optimization for his podcasting efforts, particularly at Blubrry Podcasting. He mentions he has been dreaming about AI due to the intensity of his work.

Rob Greenlee talks about the challenges of traveling in coach, the annoyance of reclining airplane seats, and his aspirations to switch to business class flying. They transition into discussing the relevance of AI in the podcasting industry, noting that major companies are starting to embrace AI technology.

Todd discusses the strategic integration of AI within his company to streamline processes such as pre-production, post-production, and social media clipping, emphasizing the importance of staying within their competencies without overextending into areas like audio editing, better handled by specialized tools like Descript.

Rob and Todd contemplate the role of AI startups as larger companies begin to adopt AI technologies, questioning the sustainability of these startups in the evolving market. They explore how podcast hosting companies implement AI and debate the challenges and benefits of having in-platform recording and editing tools.

The conversation shifts to the partnership between Riverside and Spotify, with Todd giving insights into the competitive dynamics between podcast hosting services and recording platforms. They also touch on revenue trends, discussing an increase in the revenue per thousand downloads (RPM) reported by Spreaker and iHeart while also considering the broader implications of layoffs within the media industry and how they may affect content quality.

Todd and Rob discuss the changing media landscape, referencing Pew Research data showing a decline in traditional news media audiences. They share their personal media consumption habits and the polarization of news. The discussion turns to how fewer people follow the news closely and how this may affect societal awareness.

They talk about job opportunities and the importance of content creators potentially producing their content rather than relying on larger organizations. Todd shares stories of highly successful independent podcasters and the financial benefits they have experienced, highlighting the potential for content creators to thrive outside of traditional media companies.

The conversation wraps up with Rob sharing the launch of his new podcast, “Podcast Tips,” hosted on Blubrry with WordPress integration. Todd offers on-the-spot technical support as they navigate through the new podcast setup and conclude with Todd talking about the new chapter marking feature in Blubrry’s audio player, which AI generates.

Overall, the hosts discuss the effect of significant technology and industry changes on podcasting, from AI integration to job market fluctuations, focusing on how these factors shape the medium’s future. They close the episode by expressing excitement about returning to the usual podcasting setup the following week.
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