Exploring Rumble’s New RSS Feed Capability #581

In this podcast episode, co-hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discuss various topics relevant to the podcasting industry. The episode begins with Todd and Rob addressing a copyright issue they encountered with using a song. They proceed to discuss the potential of artificial intelligence in creating music and its role in other aspects like writing documentation and aiding developers.

The conversation moves on to the influence of AI on podcasting, including its ability to aid content creation and how podcasters should consider leveraging AI tools. Rob and Todd explore the idea that AI will not replace the need for programmers but will change their role in the development process.

Attention is then given to “seasons” in podcasting, triggered by the news of the “Serial” podcast returning for a fourth season after a decade. They contemplate whether this shows a lack of new ideas in the industry or is a strategic move to tap into established brand value.

The discussion continues with Rob mentioning StreamYard.com and the integration between podcasting and live video streams. They mention the crossover between audiences and the monetization of podcasts.

Todd and Rob then address a listener support ticket regarding Apple Podcasts’ transcript settings. After investigating during the podcast, Todd clarifies that contrary to some listeners’ experiences, displaying podcast transcripts rather than Apple’s automatic ones does not require a payment of $19.95.

Rob mentions a new Lavalier microphone launched by Shure, discussing how such technology could simplify the podcast production process and be enhanced with contemporary AI-based audio platforms.

The discussion transitions back to podcasting platforms and the challenges podcasters face, including sluggish audience growth on YouTube despite investments in equipment and editing by podcast creators.

The conversation turns to Rumble’s new feature that allows RSS feeds for live broadcasts. Todd shares initial research indicating that only live events on Rumble have an RSS feed and not regular video uploads. They consider the implications of Rumble RSS feeds for the podcast industry and explore the platform, noting its content diversity and growth opportunities for podcasters.

Before concluding, Todd shares fascinating statistics regarding the global growth rates of podcasting outside the top ten countries, emphasizing the substantial increases in listener numbers in smaller countries. They conclude their exchange by touching on Malcolm Gladwell receiving an award despite recent layoffs at his company, hinting at potential biases in awards selections within the podcast industry.

The episode ends with a brief look into the Edison Research study that examines listening habits across different geographical areas within the United States. The episode combines technical discussion, industry trends analysis, and the hosts’ insights on the evolving podcasting landscape.

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