The Evolving Landscape of Podcast Consumption #582

In this episode of the new media show, hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discuss a range of topics related to podcasting, leveraging their extensive experience in the industry.

They start by experimenting with streaming on a new platform, Rumble, and share their excitement about opening up new audiences. Todd teases an upcoming announcement about a new feature they’re beta testing without revealing too much detail. Rob cautiously probes for more information, and Todd hints that other companies may copy this feature once it’s revealed. The announcement is scheduled for release on Monday, and a live event will showcase it at Podcast Movement.

They touch on the live streaming schedule at Podcast Movement, with Todd discussing plans to stream from the booth. They discuss the challenge of ensuring good audio quality during live streams and consider potential issues with internet connectivity at the event.

Todd mentions working hard on Blueberry’s AI features, focusing on perfecting an automatic email promotion for podcast episodes. Rob talks about the potential positive impact of AI on the podcasting industry by saving time and money. Todd shares his experience using AI to create documentation efficiently and emphasizes the importance of quality assurance.

They then talk about industry news: Joe Rogan is having full episodes back on YouTube, layoffs at Rooster Teeth, Spotify unions are reaching tentative agreements, and Libsyn is finally adding transcript support. Todd gleefully digs into Libsyn for being behind the curve with their recent update, which enables users to upload transcripts to their episodes when competitors already provide this service.

Rob reads from a KSNR report that suggests podcasts are replacing traditional media, especially among certain age groups, and that future trends may include augmented reality and virtual reality. Both hosts reflect on the change in media consumption habits and predict a continuation of the trend toward interactive and immersive content.

In response to a listener’s comments, they address radio’s decline due to a lack of local programming and how podcasting offers a personalized alternative. They also speculate on the future integration of AR/VR in podcasts and the importance of building community around podcast content.

Before signing off, Todd shares the improvements he’s seen with transcriptions in podcast apps, like Apple’s accurate syncing despite pre-roll ads, which could be a sign of evolving podcast technology. They wrap up by teasing listeners with more details about the upcoming announcement and reminding them where they can find them and their work online. Todd and Rob emphasize the importance of innovation and staying ahead in podcasting technology before ending the show on a note of anticipation for their next big reveal.

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