The Impact of Spotify and Podbean’s IAB Departure #587

In this episode of the New Media Show, hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee dive deep into the significant news of Spotify, Megaphone, Chartabe, and Podbean pulling out from the IAB podcast measurement compliance. They discuss the various implications and reasons for these decisions, what they mean for the podcasting industry, particularly in advertising standards, and the broader consequences for podcast creators.

The episode begins with Todd discussing feeling overwhelmed with work demands, contemplating hiring an assistant, and the difficulty of finding someone who can handle the specialized tasks related to podcasting.

The conversation then shifts to the main topic: the departure of Spotify and Podbean from IAB certification compliance. They first examine the impact on Spotify, with Todd acknowledging Spotify’s significant internal metrics due to its app-based system allowing detailed listener tracking. Despite Spotify’s data advantages, Todd discusses the necessity and cost of IAB compliance, especially with changes to membership tier pricing affecting the company’s expenses.

Rob weighs in on the issue, surfacing concerns about the potential adverse effects that the removal of certification might bring about over time. However, he also notes that Spotify’s financial situation possibly contributed to their decision. The hosts delve into the nuances of IAB certification costs, compliance, and how these factors influence their decisions as service providers, drawing on personal experience and insights from the industry.

Todd shares news about Blubrry’s partnership with BackBeat Media for host-read advertising, emphasizing the importance of maintaining IAB certification to fulfill this partnership’s reporting and trust requirements for advertisers.

Rob plans to invite a CEO from the brand safety industry on the show to discuss these issues further, something they’re wary of due to its potential implications on content censorship.

They reflect on in-person studio trends and the movement towards more video content creation, balancing skepticism with acknowledgment of the potential personalization and authenticity such setups might offer specific high-profile creators.

As the episode progresses, they discuss the strategic importance of not putting all content into one platform’s basket, citing several instances where reliance on a single platform like Google or YouTube has proven risky for content creators.

Rob updates the upcoming New Media Show schedule, noting that he will be out of town for specific dates, and Todd shares his travel plans to the Philippines and the UK, making it necessary to shuffle their broadcast schedule.

The episode concludes with the hosts touching upon platforms such as TikTok’s tenuous status amidst government regulations, the importance of free speech, and the preservation of open RSS as a channel for independent creators to share their content without restrictions.

Listeners are encouraged to engage with the show via email, and Todd hints at developing a new mailing list for the show. They thank their audience and close with a reminder to follow or subscribe to the New Media Show on favored podcast apps, highlighting newer platforms featured at

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