Podfest Asia Recap #589

In this episode of the New Media Show, hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee delve deep into various facets of the podcasting world. Their discussion started with Todd sharing his travel experiences to and from the Philippines, where he attended Podfest Asia.

Discussing the state of podcasting in Asia, starting with Spotify’s significant influence in the region. Todd highlighted the disparity between Spotify’s support for podcasters in Asia and Apple, noting that Apple has lost considerable market presence due to its limited engagement and support.

The conversation also covered the financial aspects of podcasting, particularly around local sponsorship and global advertising revenues in the Philippines. Todd shared insights from his interactions at Podfest, discussing the scarcity of local sponsors and the reliance on global advertisers who target top-tier shows via well-known hosting providers. This led to a broader discussion of potential growth and development within the Asian podcasting market, including creating content networks and using podcast editing services in the Philippines.

Todd and Rob also discussed the various challenges faced in these markets, such as the dominant preference for Android over Apple, which affords Spotify an edge due to its accessibility on Android devices. They dove into the specifics of mobile data usage in the region, discussing the economic and accessibility factors that favor Spotify over other platforms like Apple, which hasn’t yet offered a native podcasting app on Android.

They discussed the report of 1.9 billion in ad sales and the challenges coming in discovery. See everyone in three weeks as we are both traveling.

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