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NMS #147 Low Power FM

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane talk to Sabrina Roach about the low power FM movement and the opportunities for podcasters that are looking to do local podcasts.

Reach out to Rob @robgreenlee or Todd @geeknews we are always open to guest so reach out to Rob to be scheduled to be on the show.

International Podcast Day

This coming Friday Sept 30th is International Podcast Day. Both Todd and Rob will be participating during the event catch them on Friday for their sessions.

  • 10am PST- Blubrry – From Branding To Promotion
  • 12pm PST – Rob Greenlee -Past, Present and Future of Podcasting
  • 8pm PST – Todd Cochrane – Podcast Audience Engagement and Metrics that Matter
  • 11pm PST Todd Cochrane – Closing Hour with Steve Lee found of International Podcast Day

There will be a host of other luminaries during the 30 hours of coverage that kicks off on Thursday! The live event will happen on Firetalk so join us.

NMS #140 Podcast News and Info

Rob Greenlee and I dig in deep of that latest news and talk about the ongoing reporting in the space and how sometimes it is severely lacking. We also cover some topics on the business of podcasting. We also talk about potential stats certification venues for podcast companies to comply with upcoming IAB Guidelines.

Reach out to Rob @robgreenlee or Todd @geeknews we are always open to guest so reach out to Rob to be scheduled to be on the show.

NMS #137 Podcast 101 & More

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane do a little Podcast 101 discussions today, along with a variety to tantalizing topics of happenings in the space.

NMS #119 Todd & Rob

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane on talk about recent developments in the space and the ongoing concerns of recent news coverage. The question that remains to be answered is there a coordinated effort going on to discredit the podcasting space.

Contact the show: Rob or Todd @

NMS #117 Dan Franks of Podcast Movement

Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane on Blab joined by Dan Franks to get the latest on Podcast Movement. Dan gives us an update and we are very excited about the event. While he did not give us the exact numbers we predict over 1500 podcasters are going to be showing up in Chicago for the event. Dan talks about logistics of the event along with minor tweaks they are making.. Podcast Movement in it’s third year is growing like crazy and the team is focused on producing a stellar event in Chicago.

Contact the show: Rob or Todd @

NMS #71 Angelo Mandato and PowerPress 6.0

Rob is out this week and Todd Interviews Angelo Mandato on the PowerPress 6.0 release. They cover all the new features to include the new Subscribe Page, SEO, Playlist Player and new Migration page that automates migration of media.

As a New Media Expo Media Partner we share some of the latest announcements by the NMX Team.. We are also offering podcasters a great discount on your tickets to New Media Expo by using the promo code “newmedia” join Rob and I in Vegas in April.

Contact the show: Rob or Todd @

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