Video Podcasting: Hype vs. Reality #588

In this episode of the podcast featuring hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, they delve into a comprehensive discussion on podcasting, focusing on the viability and reality of video podcasting.

The episode begins with Todd updating listeners on his business-related travel plans, which include attending Podfest Asia. Rob and Todd then shift the conversation to the state of podcasting events. They discuss the expected attendance at various podcasting events, including an Asian conference and the larger Podcast Show in London. They provide insights into the logistical challenges and benefits of these events, including the impact of ticket sales strategies on attendee counts.

Much of the discussion centers around the role and influence of video in podcasting. The hosts delve into the misconceptions and hype surrounding video podcasting, emphasizing the challenges and realities versus the expectations set by platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Todd shares his concerns about the lack of support for open RSS in video distribution on significant platforms and stresses the need for a broader video strategy beyond just YouTube.

The conversation also covers the practical aspects of managing a podcast, such as the importance of proper session titles and handling logistics at podcasting events. Todd explains his approach to giving talks at these events, which include providing realistic expectations and debunking myths about video podcasting.

Both hosts engage in a detailed analysis of the industry’s evolution, particularly regarding sponsorships, the integration of video content, and the potential future of podcasting as it integrates more fully with digital media strategies.

The episode is rich with insights into the technical, logistical, and strategic aspects of podcasting, offering listeners an in-depth look at what it takes to run a podcast in the current media landscape. The hosts’ expertise provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in the inner workings and future potential of podcasting, particularly in relation to video content.

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