Forming a Coalition to Expand RSS #267

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee talk about expanding RSS elements and tags and bringing a coalition of podcast hosts, app developers, podcasters together at Podcast Movement Evolutions event in Los Angeles see details below. To be invited to the meeting/slack group drop Todd or Rob and email and we will add you to the invite list. or

25:27 – RSS Coalition Discussion

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Forming a Coalition to Expand RSS

During the New Media Show, Rob and I discuss the need to form a coalition to expand RSS as a community which includes Hosting Companies, App Developers and Podcasters to develop a list of new tags and elements to expand the functionality of RSS.

We are not talking about changing the existing spec only expanding it, and as a community come together to develop a list of new tags/elements we can all support.

Many years ago Blubrry introduced a handful of tags that even to this day are important. But they were never adopted by companies/apps as they did not want to be seen solely supporting blubrry initiatives.  So the only approach is a community coalition approach. For those of you that do not understand elements and tags.

Imagine having a tag that links to your transcript.


Or how about one that links to Merchandise.


These are only two of a dozen or more examples we already want to talk about. If we can get a coalition of hosting companies, app developers, podcasters and even Apple, Google to support the effort to introduce new tags and elements we can really bring some needed expansion to what will be available in the metadata of a feed. This is all without breaking the current open RSS standard we all rely on.

We are going to try and have an in-person kick-off meeting at the Podcast Movement Evolutions event in Feb Where we will layout for community discussion the proposed new podcast specific tags. Prior to that, we have formed a slack channel to put forth ideas and generate an agenda.

We will seek input from all parties and as a group try to come to a consensus. This again is a community initiative so we hope you will participate! This, not the Todd and Rob initiative. But someone has to step up and get the ball rolling.

To participate send an email to with or and we will get you an invite to the new slack channel and put you on the invite list. If you know a Podcast App developer we hope you will kindly encourage them to participate in this coalition as well!

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