Navigating Technology, Monetization, and Industry Trends #566

The “New Media Show” podcast episode features Rob and Todd, covering various topics relevant to the podcasting industry.

With a focus on technology in podcasting, particularly on audio quality in different recording environments. They talk about a new app that allows listeners to skip ads, diving into the technical and ethical implications of this feature, such as its effect on ad revenues and the potential legal issues it could raise for podcasters.

The conversation then shifts to the podcasting industry’s landscape, highlighting the recent decline in new episodes published around Thanksgiving and the ongoing challenges faced by various podcast platforms. They discuss the top podcast hosts and the dominance of big media companies in hosting large shows. This leads to analyzing the top podcast genres, with true crime and culture topping the list.

We also touch on the international podcast market, noting the significant difference in advertising revenue between the US and other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We speculate on the reasons behind this disparity, such as the maturity of the markets and the influence of radio.

The discussion moves to monetizing podcasts, exploring the potential of premium podcasting tools and subscription models. We delve into the challenges and opportunities for podcasters in monetizing their content, including the impact of brand safety and suitability on advertising revenues.

The episode concludes with a broader discussion on the future of podcasting, the importance of podcasters educating their audiences about new industry developments, and the potential for more diversified revenue streams. The hosts emphasize the importance of options for podcasters in monetizing their content, whether through advertising, donations, premium content, or other methods.

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