Video Podcast and Open RSS versus Closed YouTube Hack #569

Classic New Media show where we take some time and explain in detail and demystify some explosive comments making the rounds. Todd also criticizes a YouTube hack coming out of the Podcasting 2.0 initiative. ”

Quick recap:
Todd and Rob discussed their challenges with their new media show, including technical difficulties and the need for improved audio quality, the transparency of podcast statistics, and the importance of audience demographics. Additionally, they touched upon the desire by some to shift from downloading media to streaming and the potential impact of advertising revenue on their businesses.

New Media Show Launch With Technical Challenges
Todd and Rob started their new media show, facing some initial technical difficulties with the audio processing. Todd mentioned that they had made adjustments to ensure the audio quality would be good. They also discussed a previous incident where one channel was down during recording, which Todd had resolved.

Rob and Todd discussed the challenges of the recording process for podcasters, and outdated technology. However, they acknowledged technological advancements, like the affordability of better recording tools. Rob mentioned their collaboration with companies like Nemato, hinting at potential solutions, while Todd pointed out that adopting NDI technology could simplify the process despite the cost of necessary equipment.

They also discussed using HDMI and USB as standard interfaces for online creators, with Todd expressing interest in more straightforward setup options if they were to start again.

Podcasting and YouTube Integration Debate
Todd expressed concerns about the need for an internet connection and that not all airlines allow video streaming. Rob shared their experience of watching videos on airplanes. The conversation concluded without a clear decision on whether to proceed with the integration. They also discussed the potential of podcasting 2.0 and video, with Todd expressing their concern over third parties implementing a YouTube hack.

Podcast Statistics Transparency and Standardization
Todd and Rob discussed the transparency of podcast statistics, focusing on using OP-3. Todd expressed concerns over the discrepancies in numbers between the two platforms, while Rob emphasized the importance of transparency. They discussed the importance of having a standard for podcast statistics. They agreed that any fluctuations in the numbers are likely due to factors such as bot activity and distribution platforms. They concluded that allowing podcasters to turn off public stats is essential. They also discussed Blubrry’s media kit, which provides creators with a private link to share with media buyers, updating every 24 hours.

Podcasting Metrics and Certification Discussion
They also touched upon the current dissatisfaction with the IAB, which is expensive. Todd admitted that the IAB will never be replaced by OP3, but suggested that the OP-3 could serve as a prefix for those ok with showing off their stats. They also discussed the potential shift from downloading media to streaming, affecting media delivery. Todd mentioned that despite the high cost of maintaining an IAB certification, only a tiny portion of their user base, approximately 3 to 4%, cares about the certification. They ended the discussion by discussing the Pod News Daily Show’s viewership numbers.

New Products, and Advertising Revenue
They also considered transitioning to a value4value model, which would require significant effort but could be supported by their audience. Todd and Rob discussed the potential issues with using Starlink for streaming shows and the bad idea of integrating YouTube videos into podcasting apps. They also talked about the impact of advertising revenue on their businesses and mentioned upcoming changes related to programmatic and transcripts in early 2023. They stressed that despite the current economic situation and layoffs in the podcasting space, the medium is not dying.

Media, Advertising, and Podcast Challenges
Rob and Todd discussed the struggles of media companies under current economic conditions. The conversation shifted to measuring podcast advertising, with Todd discussing a simple formula to estimate the size of a podcast audience over time. They stressed the importance of consistent data over three months to determine the audience size.

Podcasting Transparency and Advertiser Relations
Todd and Rob discussed the challenges content creators face in the podcasting industry. They highlighted the issue of transparency in the relationship between advertisers and podcasters, with advertisers often failing to provide performance metrics. Todd and Rob also reflected on past experiences in other media industries and their challenges in delivering better performance at a lower cost.

They concluded that advertisers are taking advantage of the podcasting medium without contributing to its transparency. They also discussed the limitations of the current advertising-based model, emphasizing the need for content creators to provide value to retain listeners. They highlighted the power imbalances between content creators and platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, with Todd arguing that these platforms prioritize control over content and viewer engagement over creator compensation.

Rob and Todd explored the evolving trends in advertising and podcasting. They noted the increasing sensitivity of audiences to ad loads, leading to more ads in shows or complete buyouts. They agreed on the need for an alternative to the advertising model and identified a potential alternative in the value-for-value model. Todd shared their satisfaction with their current programmatic advertising and highlighted the challenges and potential of the value-for-value model, emphasizing the need for podcasters to provide value to their audience. The conversation ended prematurely due to time constraints.
Voice Cloning and Podcast App Discussion

Todd and Rob discuss a voice cloning platform that sounds very close to Todd’s voice.

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