Introducing Vid2Pod and RedCircle’s new Host Read Ad Offering #583

In this podcast episode, hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discuss the latest in podcasting news, innovations, and industry insights, featuring a discussion on Todd’s Vid2Pod service and an interview with Mike Kadin from RedCircle.

The episode begins with the hosts, Todd and Rob, discussing an AI-generated music track, which leads to a conversation about AI and copyright. Todd  Cochrane then talks about launching Vid2Pod and AI tools for podcasters.

Rob then asks Todd about his newly announced product, Vid2Pod, which Todd explains in great detail. Vid2Pod is a feature that converts video content from YouTube into a podcast format. Todd goes through the process and features of this service, including how it automates video-to podcast conversion, channel integration, terms of service implications, and licensing considerations.

Mike Kadin from RedCircle then joins the show to discuss their new product offering, OpenRap. Mike provides an overview of RedCircle’s emphasis on host-read advertising automation and explains how OpenRap extends its ad automation services to podcasts hosted on other platforms that are VAST compatible without RedCircle having to manage the hosting. They discuss dynamic ad insertion, VAST integration, and how RedCircle’s software aims to streamline the ad process for podcasters and advertisers.

Todd questions the practicality and monetization aspects from both a hosting platform’s and a podcaster’s perspectives. Mike emphasizes RedCircle’s commitment to serving the oft-underserved mid-tier podcast content creators by streamlining the ad management and insertion process.

The conversation shifts to the ongoing issues with podcast analytics and measurement, focusing on recent iOS changes impacting download numbers, podcasters’ need for clarity when picking measurement platforms, and the advertisers’ pursuit of additional tracking and attribution methods.

Rob mentions a post by Lisa LaPorte, CEO of Twit TV, about challenges in the podcast advertising market, emphasizing the demand by podcast agencies for more complicated ad tech. Mike shares his perspective on the need for more transparent and dynamic pricing in the podcast advertising market and its implications on host-read ads.

Finally, Rob concludes by asking Mike where listeners can find more information about RedCircle’s OpenRap, to which Mike suggests visiting RedCircle’s website.

The episode closes with the hosts discussing their availability for the next episode due to Todd’s travel plans and concluding remarks. Todd and Rob shared their contact information so listeners would want to reach out to them.

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