Google Podcast Shutting Down #558

Once again, Google cannot get its podcast strategy straight and will pull the plug on Google Podcast sometime next year after achieving mild success and leaving the door open for Apple to create a viable Podcast App for Android.  Those screwed over will be the millions of Android users now having to find a podcast app. Plenty of great ones at, and of course, there is a list of Apps that work with 

Show Summary:

  • There is skepticism about whether YouTube Music will properly support podcasts since YouTube is built around video. It is unclear if they will ingest MP3 feeds or convert everything to Video.
  • Apple does not currently have a podcast app for Android. With the demise of Google Podcasts on Android, Todd & Rob are concerned about podcasters losing listeners and the ability for Android users to subscribe easily.
  • There was discussion around podcast statistics and ad analytics. Some in the industry feel there is fraud occurring with inflated download numbers. However, independent measurement can help validate numbers. Prompted by Todd, who got a mysterious email from an unknown group questioning certain podcast companies’ business practices around ads and payouts. They did not reveal details.
  • The hosts talked about the importance of podcasters having control of their content and feeds. They should drive listeners back to their own websites.
  • The hosts re-iterated that podcasting continues to be about creating authentic content and voices, even as AI tech evolve

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